Monday, April 21, 2008

Cod Liver Oil

Can't be that bad if it lowered my husband's blood pressure from 210/110 into the normal range. Of course, I think a good dose of fervent prayer helped also!

There has been some discussion on about vitamins: to take or not to take, and which one? There are so many to choose from. A lot of them are just junk, loaded with fillers and minerals in a form that your body really can't use optimally. I've never tried the Supermom brand, but they look like a decent supplement. I'm all for green foods like spirulina, alfalfa, algae and sea weeds...just be careful that you do not have allergies to the ingredients before loading up on vitamins. For years I took Nature's Way Alive without Iron, and felt wonderful. I recently stopped because I felt it necessary to start a regimen of Cod Liver Oil and Glucosamine/Chondtroitin/MSM to manage my autoimmune arthritis. Together, it would have been a near toxic dose of vitamin A. After 6 weeks on this regimen, I feel much improved. My knees don't grind, my shoulder has a normal range of motion, and my thumbs never get locked up any more. I cannot praise those little cod enough, they have made a vast difference in the health of my family! I have had to switch to a more palatable capsule, but my husband will finish off my bottle of lemon-lime liquid oil.

You might want to consider cod liver oil, too, if you are seeking a remedy or management for any of the following: high triglycerides, migraines, depression, secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease or stones, and also for inflammatory conditions such as asthma, gingivitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. To read about the merits of cod liver oil, click here.

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Linda said...

Which capsule are you taking, Michelle? We've been taking this for almost a year now. The kids took the liquid (can't swallow pills, and it is so much more potent per teaspoon than the pills, which also makes it cheaper), but I can't stand that liquid. Landon and I take the capsules. They're certainly not all created equal, though. I appreciate this post. I take so many pills, sometimes I wonder if any of it does any good - a multivitamin, extra calcium, extra C, fish oil, fiber (usually Benefiber). Sigh! I'd like to simplify this regimen.

Mamosa said...

I am taking Carlson's Super 1000mg Cod Liver Oil

...and I am taking 6 a day, but NO FISH TASTE!

The guys are taking taking Nature's Answer Liquid

They are just not as taste sensitive as little old me :)

I highly recommend iHerb for their service and prices.

Linda said...

Thanks, Michelle. I think the Carlson's is what Gerren is taking. Chase couldn't swallow them. Landon and I are taking something from Wal-mart -- 1200 mg but maybe not as good as the Carlson's. I've looked at iHerb. One I use frequently and have found to be the best price (if they have the item you want) is Have you ever heard of Monavie?