Monday, October 6, 2008

12 week countdown!

I made it through September! We had out of town guests nearly every weekend, just when I was feeling like it was time to pull our lives back together with our homeschool and our budget. I love having guests, really I do, so I don't intend for what I have said to be taken as a complaint. It's not! But with the Fall season comes a renewing in our home. It is a time to turn our hearts home and focus on family and the upcoming holidays. With my sights set on the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, everything within me is screaming "Get a PLAN!" For me that means lists: lists for gifts, lists for groceries, lists for what needs to be done during which week. The countdown begins! Twelve weeks until Christmas! One of my favorite planning websites is , with its free printables galore! Do you have a favorite holiday planning website? If so, leave a comment!

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