Saturday, January 31, 2009

A tiskit, a tasket


This is a great idea, especially for those like myself who want the entryways into their home to resemble the Pottery Barn catalog!

Amanda C., a mom and professional organizer uses a transfer basket to gather everything that needs to go out the door the next day (library books, bills to mail, schoolwork if you're so inclined to take it with you!).  The basket is hauled into the car with every departure and brought back into the home when you return to be emptied.  Hint: leave it in the same spot near your most commonly used doorway...and make it pretty!

Another idea is to have Prayer Basket.  What is it about some of us that makes us want to basket up everything?  I love baskets of all shapes and sorts!  In your prayer basket, be sure to keep your current devotional book, a journal, your Bible, some highlighters and nice pen to write with.  It might also be a good spot to park your MP3 player for times when you want to have some inspirational or Praise & Worship music. I like to keep my morning devotions on the move. Sometimes I may just sit in the living room, other times I will move it outside or on the side porch if the weather is nice.

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